Where to find lingerie supplies online ?

Where to find lingerie supplies online ?

You are ready to start the adventure of self-made lingerie?

But very soon, you realise that you have to face the challenge number 1 of each seamstress: where to find the good fabrics, the good supplies?

To help you, we have selected some websites where you can find all the stuff that you need (yes, even if you leave in the countryside with no shops near to you. No need to be jealous!).

We hope that this selection will help you to find what will make you happy, to engage a creative process, and all this, for a reasonable price.

Are you ready ? Let's go !

  1. Laces
  2. Supplies and linings
  3. Knits (lycra fabrics)

1. Laces

For lingerie, it’s important to use Soft, Smooth and Stretchable laces (this is very important, even more for panties).

There is one website in French, where you can find the word Lace with “Dentelle” (take the “bande” and “extensible” ones).

good addresses laces online stores CALAIS DENTELLE - French

BWEAR - Swedish


ETSY - diverse

2. Supplies and linings

Those are the most difficult to find in shops. To help you in your choice for supplies, we wrote an article that you can read here.

Supplies :

elastic lingerie trims ETSY - THE BRA SHOP

BWEAR - Swedish

Linings :

lingerie lining SEWME - Polish

THE BRA SHOP - British

MAKE BRA - site Finlandais

3. Knits (lycra fabrics)

We advise you to use stretch fabrics (in both direction) for most of the model that we propose.

To practice, why not upcycling an old T-Shirt? If not, you may find what will make you happy in the selection below.

We advise you to choose fabrics such as cotton jersey for a maximum weight of 200g/m2.

lingerie addresses jersey TIAKNIGHTFABRICS - British



MADE IN TISSUS - site Français

RIBES & CASALS - Spanish

We hope that these good addresses will be useful to you! Do you have other addresses to share with us? Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to add them to the list 😉

To help you find fabrics, we have prepared an article for you here.

To find out more about the material you need to make your lingerie, go here.

If you have questions, or if you wish to share with us some good tips, please contact us by email.

Links and pictures from other websites aren’t sponsored, they are presented just for information