Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule

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Moscow Mule is a pattern for sewing lace briefs specially designed to dress different body types, from size XS to size 3XL.

🍃 Its panels have been designed to give everyone the opportunity to sew it in 1.5m of 20cm high elastic lace.

🍃 The pattern can be declined with floral or graphic lace, the result will give it a new look each time!

📸 #fitiyoo_moscowmule

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1.5 m (1.6 yard) of stretch lace (galloon with double scalloped edges) , 20 cm (7 ⅞ in) wide.
20 cm (8 in) of 100% cotton jersey.
Sizes XS to L: 1 m (1 yard) of plush elastic between 0,7 and 1 cm (¼ in and ⅜ in) wide.
Sizes XL to 3XL: 1 .5 m (1.6 yard) of plush elastic between 0.7 and 1 cm (¼ in and ⅜ in) wide.


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