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As you know, we love to see your creations from our patterns! Moreover, we are so fans of your customizations that we created a blog article especially to share YOUR creations 😍

And yes, we love to share the positive, but it is also important to have comments and questions a little more critical (but always benevolent), which make us move forward and improve!

This is why once a month, after each order placed on our site, we send you a satisfaction questionnaire. Each response is read carefully to find areas for improvement. So, do not hesitate to give us your opinions on how to best meet your needs and desires 😘

✏️ Your feedbacks from our clients satisfaction questionnaire

review 4,5 stars fitiyooI'm not a fan of how the materials are listed, it otherwise the instructions really are excellent (made 3 patterns from fitiyoo)

❞ Thank you so much for your feedback !❞

review 5 stars fitiyooI haven’t made it yet but I can’t wait!

❞ Wait and see πŸ˜‰βž

review 5 stars fitiyooi have enjoyed your patterns and plan to make more

❞ What a great new! We can't wait for your other creations! ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooI love it!!! Will be making more.

❞ Thank you so much for your feedback! ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooI would have been very pleased with a Dutch tutorial. I found you via Maison Victor, which is distributed in Dutch, so I was surprised that the patterns were only in French and English.

❞ Of course, we would love to offer our sewing patterns in languages other than English and French. But for that, we would have to be able to speak these languages ourselves ... and we learned by creating Fitiyoo that "we can do anything, but not everything" πŸ˜‰βž

review 4 stars fitiyooI’m an intermediate sewist so pretty experiensed. My suggestion for you is to ask an english speeking sewist with some of the terms in your pattern. I had to read the pattern a couple of times before I started cutting.

❞ We have translated all our tutorials based on the terms used in business. And, it is clear that we are doing our best, but we are not bilingual. Our cash flow does not allow us to pay an external person to do this long-term work ... On the other hand, we are always listening to your feedback to improve ourselves, to modify inaccurate terms ... πŸ™‚ ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooLove the easy to follow instructions, in english too.

❞ It is so great to read our first comment in English!! The translation has been "homemade" so it is a great proud to read that it is easy to follow πŸ™‚ ❞

review 4 stars fitiyooI only tested the mangofizz panties. It's well explained overall although the sheath seam, with inverted curves broke my head for a while. It might be good to include a link to an article with more explanation for big beginners like me.

❞ Thanks a lot for your review ! Yes that's true, the sheath seam could be a more detailed article in our "Sewing tips" ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooThe site is ergonomic and pretty The sewing tips are a mine of information, mega useful. For the pattern Cherylada, Julie sent me a tutorial to do the bias finish folded over the top of the bra; to avoid bothering you, maybe it would be handy to put it in the sewing tips? A little memo in the "sewing tips" for using the garter thread / stockinette needle / straight stitch or flash could be useful (I messed with you to be sure!) Overall, THANK YOU very much !! The models are very beautiful and above all the rendering is really good; it fits super well. Your photoshoots are really beautiful and I find it very nice to put real beautiful women in their imperfections! Your feedback by email is very very very appreciable and appreciated. I never cease to praise your qualities as stylists certainly but also human, it does a lot of good; a fortiori at this time! Please continue !! :)

❞ Thank you very much for your feedback, very complete and constructive πŸ™‚ These are great ideas for future blog articles ! ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooI made the limon & cello panties, they are great! The size is good and they are as comfortable as they are stylish. I bought other patterns that I will be making soon. I just find that the pictures of the explanations are not always very clear because all the parts are in pale pink and sometimes not always easy to distinguish. Otherwise I really love what you do, I look forward to continuing to discover your patterns and try them out.

❞ Welcome to the wonderful aventure of the DIY lingerie πŸ˜‰ ❞

review 4.5 stars fitiyooMore details in the tutorial on the elastic sewing

❞ Thanks for your feedback! We choose to detail the "basic" steps in lingerie in our "Sewing Tips" articles. To optimize the size of the files sent by email and to keep the tutorial as easy to read as possible. Do not hesitate to take a look at all our Sewing tips πŸ˜‰ ❞

review 3.5 stars fitiyooI made the Papaya boxer briefs and the cherylada bra. The boxer, no worries the explanations are clear and it is very easy to do. For the bra, I had to pattern draft an XXL back to do it again, because I'm a little tight inside, and it's a shame because I like the shape a lot and it is without underwires (very important for me that there are no underwires). I also made the bloomer, and here I had to add 3 cm because as I am tall, it fell too low for me. Overall the patterns are very beautiful and the kit is good because it allows you to make a set and it's perfect for beginners, I'm just a little disappointed because I would have liked the Cherylada to offer more sizes

❞ We are happy to know that you are satisfied with the global experience. Yess! The whole advantage of doing your lingerie yourself is to be able to adjust it to your morphology so that the models suit you perfectly πŸ™‚ Sometimes, a first prototype is necessary because the result can vary from one fabric to another (and this is also true for the elastic bands used! We often forget it). We test all our sewing patterns in all sizes and with different fabrics, in order to ensure successful sewing experience and a pleasing result: Cherylada by its form & structure did not ensure sufficient support for sizes beyond XL, this is the reason why we do not propose it πŸ˜‰ ❞

review 5 stars fitiyoo Pattern and explanations are clear

❞ Thanks πŸ™‚ ❞

review 5 stars fitiyoo I was a beginner so I had to search more tutorials on the Internet because I did not know certain words and even with the lexicon it was complicated (eg: grainline, etc). But in the end I managed to get out with patience and determination

❞ Well done for your patience and your determination! And then you know... the more you practice, the easier it becomes πŸ˜‰ ❞

review 3.5 stars fitiyoo Super pattern, good explanation, a little disappointed with the end result

❞ Thanks for your feedback πŸ™‚ ❞

review 4.5 stars fitiyooI am a beginner and I appreciate your advice and kits

❞ Happy to see that you enjoy our work πŸ™‚ ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooI loved it, it's very satisfying to make your lingerie. The first times were a bit of a headache but then we quickly get the hang of it.

❞ Absolutely, as we say: Practice makes perfect πŸ˜‰ ❞

review 5 stars fitiyoo Beginner - need tutorials to get there and bosses at my level - so great!

❞ Great! Thanks a lot for your review! ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooI'm not really your target, I gave a sewing kit to my friend who recently started sewing for Christmas and it made her happy! :)

❞ Great gift idea!! ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooThanks :)

❞ With pleasure ! ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooThanks for the patterns that are great :-)

❞ Thanks to you ! ❞

review 4 stars fitiyoo Everything is fine

❞ Perfect ! πŸ™‚ ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooExcellent, you were lovely

❞ Thank you very much ! ❞

review 4.5 stars fitiyooFirst time in lingerie with kiwiki then buying another pattern. The sewing tips and the step by step were enough for me. Layout can be simplified (2 columns = less clear to me). I am delighted with the result!

❞ Thanks for your review, and Welcome into the wonderful world of DIY lingerie ! ❞

review 3.5 stars fitiyooNo problem with the pattern or the explanations, the problem comes from my large breasts, too bad I love what you do.

❞ We will be happy to accompany you to dress your breasts as it should πŸ™‚ Do not hesitate to ask us ❞

review 4.5 stars fitiyooA challenge to make my first bra!

❞ Yes, great challenge! ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooI started sewing in early 2020, and I don't stop! I love lingerie and sewing mine is really a pleasure, especially for my morphology which does not meet the standards of the big brands! For Christmas I even sewed Fitiyoo panties for my cousins ❀️

❞ What a pleasure to read your comment! Thank you ❀️ ❞

review 4 stars fitiyooI tested the Mango Fizz model that I love. One small problem: I had to lengthen the elastic lengths.

❞ It's great that you like the Mango Fizz model! Did you use a lingerie elastic? We had sewn ourselves Mango Fizz with a very (too) stiff elastic purchased in the store, and we had to add 10cm of elastic length .. And, even so, our panties were less comfortable than our other Mango Fizz with the right lingerie elastics at the right length ... Supplies have a very important role, do not hesitate to take a look at our article : "Which supplies may I use to sew lingerie ? " πŸ˜‰ ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooI haven't had time to sew yet but I'm sure it will be perfect

❞ We also hope you will find the perfect result! ❞

review 2.5 stars fitiyooI was disappointed by the explanations given in the sewing tutorial, not easy to understand and to achieve at the time. It is too succinct. It deserves to be improved to offer a real smooth experience (and less tearing the bun)

❞ Do not hesitate to contact us for any step that would not be clear to you. We are (also) here for that! And we invite you to take a tour in our "Sewing tips" we have detailed a lot of informations and photos in addition to the tutorials πŸ˜‰ ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooVery intuitive, beautiful model nothing to complain about!

❞ Thanks a lot! ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooI have been sewing my clothes for 2 years, and today I sew my entire wardrobe (except jeans, no processed tests yet)

❞ It's so cool to sew your entire wardrobe, pieces of clothing perfectly adapted to your morphology and personality! ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooLingerie is relatively new to me, the pattern ordered was good and I have declined it in different versions since

❞ It's great that you are appropriating the pattern! What satisfaction πŸ™‚ ❞

review 4.5 stars fitiyooClear in the explanations and patterns but I probably didn't know how to make the right adaptations for the cups.... my size is not standard but I was planning to send an email for professional advice with my measurements

❞ We will be happy to accompany you πŸ™‚ Do not hesitate to ask us ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooI started 4 or 5 years ago thanks to "my sewing bar" (it was even during a workshop there that I started to sew lingerie!) And since then I can't stop myself. I even created an auto business

❞ Passion for panties, when you hold us πŸ™‚ ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooI have already sewn several bra patterns. 2 was importable not at all suitable for a thin person with large breasts, 1 good but not yet perfect and now there is Cosmo β™₯️ I am on my 5th! Smoothie also filled me up but I only had time to make one but soon a small series

❞We are really happy to know that you have found your happiness with our sewing patterns. And congratulations on your perseverance! ❞

review 4.5 stars fitiyooEasy project

❞ In the end,sewing lingerie is easier than we can think πŸ™‚ ❞

review 4.5 stars fitiyooThe explanations are clear and well detailed. I was able to do this project without difficulty. Thank you for your work.

❞With great pleasure, thank you for your comment!πŸ™‚ ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooGreat for a first bra, I made a smoothie and I had no problem understanding or technique, it was easier than I imagined! Very happy with the model, on the other hand despite my measurement, my back is a little too tight, I will try a size larger to see. The jersey adaptation seems to require a little concentration for the boss, I will surely try in a while!

❞ This is the advantage of sewing your lingerie yourself, you can adjust it perfectly for yourself πŸ˜‰ Sometimes it takes a few tries before you get to the perfect model, but you seem to have started well! ❞

review 5 stars fitiyooFirst time to make lingerie satisfying experience

❞ Glad to know you enjoyed your sewing experience! ❞