How to add gathers on Mojito swimsuit ?

How to add gathers on Mojito swimsuit ?

Do you also like the little gathered details, the frills on the swimsuits !? Well we have prepared a tutorial for you to learn how to pattern and sew gathers on the shoulders and / or thighs of your Mojito swimsuit.

And the icing on the cake: This tutorial is very adaptable to other models of swimsuits or lingerie! 🙂

Are your ready ? Let's go !

add gathers swimming suit As you can see, a large part of the swimsuit is already sewn. All that remains is the finishing of the armholes and thighs (where the gathers are added).

We will start by marking and measuring where we want to start and end the gathers.

Here it will be Length L1 for the sleeves,
and Length L2 for the thighs.
add gathers swimsuit DIY When we know the L1 and L2 measurements, we will be able to create a pattern for the gathers, which looks like a "rounded" rectangle.

We start by drawing a straight line (which will be the outer edge of the gathers). Trace at each end, draw a line 1 cm high (corresponding to the seam allowance).

In the middle of the straight line, trace the width you want to give to our gathers, seam allowance included (in this example, the sleeve pattern is 4 cm wide seam allowance included = 3cm wide when finished)

Draw a curved line twice longer than the lines L1 and L2

Cut each piece twice in the fabric.
swimsuit DIY Sew gathering threads at the level of the most rounded line, and tighten them until reaching the lengths L1 and L2.
sewing gathers swimsuit Place the gathers on the swimsuit, positioning each end at the desired start and finish marks.
add gathers swimsuit Sew the right side of the gathers on the right side of the swimsuit with a basting stitch.
add gathers sleeves swimsuit Zoom on the sleeve.
add gathers thighs swimsuit And zoom on the thigh 😉
sewing elastic swimsuit Once the gathers have been sewn on the swimsuit, we will sew the elastic at the inner lining.

For best results, we recommend you to make a zigzag stitching on the inside edge of the elastic. (this will allow you to properly sew the gathers at the seam allowance, and to avoid having a "gap" between the swimsuit and the gathers)
sewing elastic swimsuit DIY Then, direct the gathers towards the outside of the swimsuit, and sew a second Zigzag stitch on the inside edge of the elastic.
DIY swimsuit pattern hack Turn your swimsuit over to the right side and ...

"Voilà" !!! Your swimsuit is ready !

sewing yourself swimsuit

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it inspired you for future creations👙

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