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patron de couture
The sewing pattern :
With the pattern in real size.
tutoriel du modèles
The step-by-step tutorial :
Detailled with texts and pictures.
tableau de mesures
A measurement chart :
To know which size to cut and how to adjust the pattern.
plan de coupes
The cutting plan :
To cut your fabrics easily !
lexique techniques
A glossary :
Explaining the terms


Whether you want to sew a light bra for everyday use, or a sport bra, Bandista is for you !

The sewing pattern is available in two versions:

🍉 The Version A is a bra that is simple and quick to make, in stretch fabrics such as jersey, microfiber or tulle. (Difficulty 2/5)

🍉 The Version B is a sports bra to make in jersey or in Powernet tulle. Its support being Light to Medium, it engulfs the chest and allows comfort for a moderate sporting activity. It is ideal for a Yoga session, but do not run a marathon with it! 😉

NB: This model has been designed and developed for a sporting activity with moderate effort for the chest. For intense sports practice, we recommend trying bras in specialised stores, designed with specific materials. A too low chest support during physical activity could ultimately be harmful to your body.

And, why not tranform the sport back to a nice V-shape plonging neckline ? See our tutorial here

XS (A cup) → 2XL (F cup)Sizes guide

More informations :


Stretch fabric such as jersey, microfiber, mesh :
XS to L : 50cm (20 in)
XL to 2XL : 70cm (27 1⁄2 in)
Stretch fabric such as jersey, microfiber, mesh :
XS to L : 50cm (20 in)
XL to 2XL : 70cm (27 1⁄2 in)
Lingerie plush elastic :
XS to L : 1,5m (1.7 yards), between 1 and 1,3cm (3⁄8 in and 1⁄2) in wide
XL to 2XL : 1,5m (1.7 yards) between 1,3 and 1,5cm (1⁄2 in and 5⁄8 in) wide
+ 50cm (20 in), 9⁄32 to 3⁄8 in wide for the neckline.
3 m (3 yards) of fold-over e lastic
+ 1m (1 yard) of large elastic belt, with a soft face
A hook & eye A hook & eye
XS to L : 1 yard of straps; 3⁄8 to 1⁄2 in wide.
XL to 2XL : 1 yard of straps; 5⁄8 in wide.
XL to 2XL : 20cm (12 in) of strong stretch mesh for the «moon»


Follow the guide: How to print and cut your PDF pattern.


Each sewing pattern is composed by a pattern, a sewing glossary and a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to sew the pattern.

All our patterns are available in PDF format, to be printed at home or at a printshop.


Prices shown include VAT.

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