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Your creations

How we love to see your creations from our patterns and sewing kits! It is very important for us to see that you make the models your own and customize them to YOUR image 💞

So this page is a summary of your creations, your experiences, and your opinions 🤗

Of course, we tend to share the positive, but it is also important to have feedback and questions a little more critical and caring, this is what makes us improve!

This is why once a month, after each order placed on our site, we send you a satisfaction questionnaire. To find all the opinions, it's here 😉

NB: Most of the articles are in French, but we are sure that your web browser will generate an automatic translation 👌

So, Let's discover all these beauties !

📸 Your creations on Instagram

👙 Blog articles & Podcasts

📸 Your creations on Instagram #fitiyoo

review cosmo bra fitiyoo

review tanga papaya navy lace fitiyoo

review margarita brief black lace fitiyoo

review cherylada bra margarita brief

review smoothie bra cha_coud fitiyoo

review curaçao bra bloomer mangofizz

review smoothie bra lagranderouge_cousumain_2

review curaçao bra upcycling

review swimming suit cherylada margarita

review kiwiki bra tanga yipa fitiyoo

review smoothie bra white lace

👙 Blog Articles & Podcasts

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