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Hello et Welcome !

You are here because you love sewing and lingerie?

You would like to sew your panties et bras yourself?

You would like to discover new sewing patterns?

You are at the right place!

We are here to propose lingerie sewing patterns

comfortable and customizable, whatever your morphology !

We can't wait to share with you our tips to give life to your creations.

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What is Fitiyoo ?

Fitiyoo is a lingerie sewing pattern collection, with customizable shapes, adjustable and easy to make! This original name is the contraction of two words that are close to our hearts:

Fit / Fitting, that you already know, because our lingerie patterns have been designed, altered a dozen times, tested in all size range to get patterns that fit to all morphology.

Yoo Because YOU will create our own style with those lingerie patterns: You will choose the colors or pattern of your fabrics, laces that you love, to transform each model as you like it.

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Sewing its own lingerie? Of course that is not (that) complicated!With few sewing notions, a sewing machine and good explanations, it is possible to create fancy underwears, creative and unique.

Follow us! We have written few articles about basic equipment, fabrics and specifics furnitures for lingerie, and also our tips to have a good start.We will expand the articles step by step, depending on the complexity of models and your questions!

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